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Protecting Your Interests After A Car Or Trucking Collision

It is no secret that California’s roads are among the most dangerous in the nation for drivers and their passengers. The Golden State is often listed as being one of the top five states for fatal motor vehicle accidents. Whether these collisions are caused by drunk, distracted or reckless drivers, this fact is for certain: For accident victims, the road to recovery can be uneven and overwhelming.

If you need a dedicated, proven legal ally to advocate for you after your car or trucking accident, look no further than our attorneys at Stewart Humpherys & Molin. For over half a century, our legal team has helped Northern California residents hold at-fault drivers, negligent trucking companies and aggressive insurers financially accountable. Contact our Chico firm to get the skilled counsel you require to protect your personal injury case.

When Negligence Leads To Your Crash

There are a variety of reasons that car or truck collisions occur. In certain situations, neither driver is at fault. In others, a driver’s negligent, careless or reckless act leads to a crash and causes life-changing injuries.

Common reasons accidents occur on California’s roads include:

  • Reckless driving, such as speeding, tailgating and aggressive driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted driving, including cellphone usage and texting
  • Driving while drowsy or fatigued
  • Running stop signs or traffic lights

After your accident, it is critical to speak with a skilled attorney before you contact your insurer. Insurance companies are quick to offer lowball payouts that may not cover all your accident expenses. When challenged, they will delay their response and use other high-pressure techniques to get you to drop your claim.

Our attorneys know how to counter these tricks and will not stop until you receive a fair settlement offer.

Holding Truckers, Their Employers And Their Insurers Liable

Trucking accident victims face even more scrutiny and stress when they file a claim after a serious collision. It is expensive for truck companies and their insurers to pay out claims for truck crashes or fatalities, so these businesses will mount aggressive defenses against accident survivors from day one.

Our personal injury attorneys understand this fact and will move swiftly to protect your rights. They draw on over five decades of experience in litigation and negotiation sessions when they develop a strategy that gets results.

As your advocate, we will not be intimidated by the other side. We will provide the steadfast representation your case requires and the compassion you need during this uncertain time.

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